Obvious Renewal

The Renewal System

Try this..

The obvious reality you have been programmed not to understand.

Opt out, of reacting to,. and reenacting, what isn’t.

Spare yourself and your children pretending,. ALTOGETHER!

Redd up,. the ruler and its hirelings, ill leading.

You MUST make time to grasp the freeing ALL qualities

of the short videos below.


This that has gifted all living life that some call,. god

has always been obvious.

LiFe,. is the GiFT!


What part don’t you get why again?


You may free minds self to free thinking at this time!

How To Access Superconsciousness – Richen Dawa

Zeitgeist – Excerpt from ” The Movie

This segment aims to define Origins of Beliefs

History of Christianity – How Christianity was Invented

Documentary Lab


JzDoALLYouTube playlist!


Here,. try this..

” In order for one to actually be a luciferian,. a devil worshipper

you must first pretend that what is not there,. is. “


ok,. maybe something more,.  r ea L I s Ti C

Christ shall be returned any day every day any moment

as the free soul gifted living goes onto choosing the unveiling

of the way,. that leads all gifted life

onto assuring that they are,. also able,. to

demonstrate, how to continue this gift living,.

for whomever may be gifted it, whenever..

flourishing,.  available..



whaT ?

Oh alright,. just send me.. MoST of your money!


Did I mention I market DOMAIN NAMES?

Well then,. there you have it!








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